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Anti Crease Shoe Shields for Sneakers

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  1. Prevent crease on sneakers, retaining their shape and extending their life.
  2. Protects toes, provides much needed breathing space.

Material: High Quality Flexible Foam

Item Type: Shoe Care Kit


Product Information

  • Anti Crease Shoe Shields for Sneaker is an excellent solution to prevent the crease on your favorite sneakers.
  • Sneakers are nowadays pretty expensive.
  • People on average spend more than $200+ on a single pair!
  • So why not spend a few bucks to make it look as fresh as you first got them?

Introducing Anti Crease Shoe Shields for Sneaker !!!

  • The shoe shield is designed with non-slip grip to stay firmly at the top of shoe.
  • It can significantly reduce creases on sneakers.
  • When placed properly it shouldn't move while you are walking, jogging or running. 
  • Since it made of high quality and flexible foam it is pretty comfortable, you might not even feel it is there!
  • It is compatible with most sneaker shoes.
  • It can be cut to custom size as each shield contains guided lines to trim if necessary for some shoes.
  • It can protect the toes from mild injuries.
  • It is designed to be breathable throughout the day with pre cut ventilation holes.
Some of the Frequently Asked Questions:
What sizes are available?: 
The Anti Crease Shoe Shields fit into any shoe and they come in 2 sizes:

Small (For shoe sizes US 4 - US 7)
Large (For shoe sizes US 7 - US 14) 

How many crease shields are included in an order?:
Each order includes a pair of Anti Crease Shoe Shields, one for your left shoe and one for your right shoe.
Do you offer volume discounts? 
Absolutely! The more pairs you purchase for your other shoes, the cheaper it becomes and the more of discount you get!

Does the color matter?: 
Not really. It is basically an individual choice. It does not make a difference unless you plan on wearing them on a sneaker that has see-through material.

What shoes do they work on?
The Anti Crease Shoe Shieldsare designed to work on almost every brand of shoes! Anything from Nike Air Force 1's, Jordan's, Yeezys, Air Force 07, Air Force Lows, Custom air forces and much more!

Material: Foam

Color: White

Size: US S(4-7), US L(8-13), EU S(35-40), EU L(40-45)

Package included: 1 Pair of Anti Crease Shoe Shields for Sneakers