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WonderStrength™ - Biceps and Upper Body Workout

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WonderStrength, the home gym, which makes your arms firmer and more toned in a few days!

Toniq'Bras, l’appareil de musculation à domicile, qui rend vos bras plus fermes et plus toniques en seulement quelques jours !

Are you embarrassed by the flabby and drooping skin on your triceps? Would you like to be able to strengthen your arms quickly? WonderStrenth™ is the ideal bodybuilding machine!

Would you like to go to the gym regularly to maintain your body and tone your figure, but you do not have the time? With WonderStrenth™ firm up your upper body in no time from home!

Toniq'Bras, l’appareil de musculation à domicile, qui rend vos bras plus fermes et plus toniques en seulement quelques jours !

#1 Tone your arms and upper body easily

Do you want to muscle up parts of your body and feel better about yourself? With work, activities, and outings with friends, you do not have the time or the money to go to the gym? No more excuses with WonderStrength™.

Find firm and healthy arms as you have always dreamed! WonderStrenth™ is a home bodybuilding machine that allows you to shape, tighten and tone your arms and upper body instantly. The results are visible in just a few days!

Arms Exercise Band

Enjoy fitness at home! Wonderstrength™ works your triceps, biceps, shoulder, back, and chest at the same time.

#2 The home bodybuilding machine

Wonderstrength™ is an ideal bodybuilding machine to use at home. It forces your arms to perform a dynamic resistance movement to strengthen and tone different parts of the upper body. You will instantly feel your muscles firm up while you burn calories, without joint effort.

Arms Exercise Band

In addition to strengthening your arms (biceps and triceps), its targeted action allows it to work the shoulders and chest simultaneously. It's a complete training system that puts you back in shape and strengthens your arms in minutes of exercise a day.

WonderStrength™ works thanks to the 3 bands of resistance. You can adapt and personalize your bodybuilding sessions. This device is suitable for all levels of fitness, whether you are a beginner or an athlete.


#3 An efficient and safe system

WonderStrength™ has been designed so that the user does not get hurt during use. The armrests are padded to prevent joint tension during the resistance movement.

Wonderstrength™ can fold in an optimal and compact way, its lightweight allows you to take it everywhere with you! Use it in the house, at the office or pack it in your suitcase.


Our tips for use:

Install and fix the resistance bands as you want

Exercise 1: Extend your arms in front of you and bring them back to your chest 

2nd exercise: Extend your arms over your head and bring them back to the shoulders

Use WonderStrength™ for only 10 minutes a day, three to four days a week, and get results.


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