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Samurai Roller

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Cut Faster and Easier With This Samurai Roller!

CREATIVE DESIGN TO PROTECT YOUR WRIST - Ergonomic design with circular blade allows you to use minimal force in cutting foods. You just need to move the cutter forth and back without spraining your wrist like a regular knife.

 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The knife blade is made of high-quality stainless steel 42042 meeting the environmental standards. The shell is made of high-quality ABS with non-slip design.

✅ MULTIPLE USES - This rolling knife has a sharp blade and can cut a variety of foods such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and so on. It can slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision.

Make the Kitchen Easier

✅ Imagine a misshaped donut. Now, imagine half of the donut is a blade and the other half is the handle. Now, imagine that the blade is a wheel that slices everything on its path when you roll it on the cutting board. That’s exactly what the Samurai rolling Knife does.

✅ Designed as an alternative to the standard chef’s knife, it can slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision, all while requiring less energy compared to a conventional knife. Why? Because you hold the knife with your hand directly above the blade (instead of on the other end, as with conventional knives), ensuring can strike down on those carrots, potatoes, or whatever other food items you’re prepping with the full force you put in each time out. As such, you need less force to properly cut food, putting less stress on your wrist and less wear on the blade.

✅ This rolling knife uses a circular blade that runs along the entire circumference of the handle, allowing you to roll it on the cutting board like a toy unicycle. The rolling motion makes it especially useful for slicing items, with a sharp blade that allows it to run through everything from veggies and fruits to bread and meats.

✅ The only catch is, the food item will need to be short enough for the blade to completely run through it vertically so you might have to chop some food items (e.g. onions, potatoes) into several parts first before rolling into them. Oh yeah, since there’s no point in the blade rolling when you’re chopping, it comes with a brake control on the handle for keeping the blade stationary.

A must have for any kitchen

7 Powerful Reasons to Get the Samurai Roller

  1. Multipurpose Use- Rolling knife has a sharp blade, it is able to cut a variety of food, such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and so on. It can slice, dice, and mince with a high level of precision which helps you to prepare dinner rapidly.
  2. Ergonomic Design- Allows you to use minimal force to move cut various foods, avoid excessive force and sprained wrist.
  3. Superior Quality- Never Rusts, the new innovative circular rolling Knife blade is made of premium stainless steel, and the handle shell is made from high quality of ABS that is designed for an effective non-slip.
  4. Easy to Clean- Can be taken apart, then wiped down with warm water and dish detergent to get the blade clean.
  5. Easy to Use- An Ergonomically designed handle allows for a comfortable and firm grip with sharp blades make cutting through effortless and minimizes wastage. Simply Just roll back and forth you can get a good cut of food. Use the tools to significantly reduce time to slice & cut.
  6. Warranty- 2-year quality guaranty, anything goes wrong with the product, you can always get replacement or return.

3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Prep

  1. For comfort & security, place your hand around the top section of the casing with a secure grip and have thumb resting on thumb rest.
  2. Place blade in contact with cutting surface and roll gently back and forth over the food item. For large food such as carrots, feed food slowly toward the blade while rolling rather than moving the blade to the food. For safety, slow down cutting when knife approaches fingers. For smaller objects such as herbs and garlic, roll blade as desired. For best results, roll blade without lifting it unnecessarily. If blade slips or stops rolling, relax pressure on the casing, or lift the unit and reposition on cutting surface.
  3. To chop, use the trigger/brake: Lift brake upward with forefinger to chop, release for rolling action. Minimal pressure is required. brake keeps blade from freely rotating

Here's Why Customers Love Samurai Roller

This knife is really sharp and makes cutting really easy

I have little ones and cut their food up small, this works great for this! It rolls right through and cuts with easy, doesn't use much force to use. This would be great for an older person or persons with disabilities. I was recently in a car accident and simple everyday things have became more of a problem for me. I may not be able to lift some things on my own still but this has made it much easier for me to be able to help in the kitchen! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Amanda


Very sharp and easy to use

Very sharp and easy to use. I've had difficulty with one hand that makes cutting foods with a regular knife hard especially things like raw chicken for stir fry or meat for stew. This solved my problem. It's a little hard for me to dismantle and clean but well worth it. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Mindy


Great rolling blade/knife

If you are not familiar with an actual knife, then get this rolling knife. It is a really helpful gadget that will assist you cutting/mince smaller vegetables, like garlic, onion, and etc. it has a button that locks the blade in place if you need to. But it is a really sharpe edge rolling blade so while you cut, make sure to get used to the technique before moving onto complicated items. Perfect for cutting green onion by the way.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Erin


I love this knife

It's easy to use and easy to clean. I tried it on onions, tomatoes & lettuce, I had no problems using it - the tomatoes did not fall apart as I cut them. I would buy this item again!!!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -Steven